We introduce ourselves as the only organization in India which specializes in providing an up-to-date, exhaustive and compact record of more than 5 million registered/pending trade marks in India and which record is being regularly manually updated on a day to day basis.
The compilation of the said record has been a gigantic effort and has taken our team more than a decade to compile the said information.
Our database includes all marks in India which are registered, pending, opposed, withdrawn, abandoned, cancelled, deceptively similar, etc. as reflected in the records of the Indian Trade Marks Registry with their current status and we have further devised scores of different permutations and combinations for retrieving a wide variety of information from our said database. Our records can be widely relied upon for conducting an accurate IP due diligence in India.
We also provide an in depth brand analysis of all proposed, pending and/or registered trade mark(s) along with all attendant advisory services to overcome hurdles in the smooth registration and effective implementation of trade mark rights in India. We further provide watch and monitoring services for all 01 to 45 classes in India and communicate the relevant information gathered or retrieved from the Trade Marks Registry within 5 working days of its inclusion in the said records.
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